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emotional support dog certification1.SAND FILTERS INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE

We Have the knowledge and specialized staff in the field of water and waste water treatment involved extensively in every part of the process like old sand remove and New sand Installation; from early investigation to projecting and contractor work. Our goal is to provide the most effective solution for our customers in a professional and supportive manner.


We maintain swimming pools with standard shapes and designs. Along with weekly chemical balance, this type of service includes vacuuming the pool when necessary, removing surface leaves and/or debris, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, emptying debris from pool sweep bags and minor equipment diagnostic and repair.

We aim to create a strong relationship with our clients, catering to every requirement on a long term basis. Being a company with strong financial capability, we provide superior services and imported high quality pool installation products and parts at very reasonable prices, enabling price comparison with any other company. We differentiate ourselves by providing replacement services at a charge of just 10 to 20% extra.


Boilers are heating systems that generate electricity or heat buildings by the circulation of hot water or steam. If your home or business is reliant on a boiler, it is important that it is working at all times so you don’t have to go through the discomfort it may cause. The team at AKSHAY COMPANY FOR WATER TREATMENT AND EQUIPMENT W.L.L Co Plumbing is ready to provide you with quality boiler repair, replacement and installation services.

If your boiler is unable to function with repairs, you may need to replace your boiler. Our plumbers have the knowledge to choose the right boiler to ensure your home or building will be heated throughout the cold months.

If your new or remodeled home needs a boiler installed, our Team is here to help. Our plumbers are able to correctly install a hot water or steam boiler in your home so you will have heat in no time.


AKSHAY COMPANY FOR WATER TREATMENT AND EQUIPMENT W.L.L   is fully equipped to offer fast and reliable pump repairs and a maintenance plan  to not only maintain the efficiency of your pump unit, but also prolong its service life.

At AKSHAY COMPANY FOR WATER TREATMENT AND EQUIPMENT W.L.L , we have a well-equipped service centre, in which to undertake repair work and pump overhaul services on all process and centrifugal pumps according to proven methodologies and OEM specifications using quality equipment and skilled workmanship, ensuring that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Our broad range of capabilities as well as spares availability and an advanced testing facility ensures that you receive maximum value throughout the repair process and beyond, allowing you to get the most out of your pump unit.


If your current  pump is no longer working correctly it may be time for new pressure tank installation. Whether you have just moved and you are now the proud owner of a poor working well or your current pump is showing signs of wear, pressure tank installation can help increase the water pressure in your home.

Your pressure tank is an important piece of helping your water pressure stay stable. When your home’s water pressure drops it is likely there is a problem with your current pressure tank or you may need to install a pressure tank.

If you are experiencing issues with your water flow or your pressure tank is consistently cycling on and off, you may need pressure tank replacement or installation. The team at AKSHAY COMPANY FOR WATER TREATMENT AND EQUIPMENT W.L.L Co can help replace your pressure tank so that you can get your water pressure back to full capacity.

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